Hey, I read a poetry challenge somewhere which said to write a poem about love without using the word love. So, this is my attempt.... Hope you like it.



has guilt ever eaten you up, like a worm in the ground, dug a hole through your rib cage, and nestled beside your heart. has grief ever torn you up, stripped you flesh from bone, made you feel like a skeleton, cold and unclothed . have you ever stopped, and lost yourself to shame, as … Continue reading has

have you ever felt like,

Have you ever felt like you are holding onto something so tight, Like a grudge, But this something you cant fight. Have you ever felt like its all slipping through your fingers, Sometimes coarse as the sand, But smooth as water at others. Have you ever felt like life is giving up, Groaning and panting, … Continue reading have you ever felt like,

as sweet as honey,

sorry, i don't mean to make this a movie review blog or anything, its just that lately I've been watching a lot of good movies and since i get very inspired by cinema, it makes me write. anyway, to the movie. tonight the secret life of bees was playing on t.v. at first i thought … Continue reading as sweet as honey,

the survival guide for irritating families.

Most of us belong to a family, a group of people who are either related to by blood or for some reason or the other, are a part of; and most of us find our families irritating. If you're having a good family day while reading this, and you feel like your family is the … Continue reading the survival guide for irritating families.