The night.

The night goes on with groaning terror,

And every creak I hear,

Makes me shiver.

The blankets can’t hide,

The monsters in my mind.

Like ravaging beasts,

They feed on me every night.

My sleep is restless,

My dreams untrue,

And every time I wake up I see a shadow…

Or two.

My dry lips burn,

As I tear skin from flesh.

And my fingernails are ragged,

Bitten down to the edge.

So, as the sun rises,

And the darkness disappears,

I huddle up with my pillows,

And fall asleep,

As the light breaks the night away from day.


Hey , hope you like this, just something I penned down during a boring class. I wrote it about the literal night and my very stupid fear of darkness and ghosts but I guess you could look at it metaphorically too. 

As always, if you like this, like the post and follow for more. And don’t forget to leave me your comments about the poem.




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