A random rant about being a teenager!

The school year has officially started and with it comes the inevitable hectic schedules and emotional breakdowns.

Being a teenager is hard. Don’t let those old people telling you it was some of the best days of their life, fool you. Of course great memories are made, great friends are met and every happy moment feels like a chocolate lava cake. But, along with all those overwhelmingly happy feelings unfortunately there are also overwhelmingly sad feelings.

Combine all of this hormonal rubbish with exam stress, peer pressure and a constant craving for anything and everything, and you’ve got your recipe for disaster.

Recipes…. Hmmm….foooddd.

See what I mean!

Of course how this amazing stage of life affects different people is very different. But, in my experience and from what I’m seeing my friends go through, the above statements seem pretty general.

Unfortunately, life is anything but general and unfortunately we have to live with it. So, here’s to getting through school and everything after.

* imaginary glasses clink*

Hope you liked that, don’t forget to like, and if you have any anecdotes to share, drop a comment down below.


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