a “fishy” conundrum!

I highly dislike fish and anyone who has ever shared a sit-down meal with me knows that. Now of course, when I say that I hate fish I don’t mean I hate all fish. I love sushi and raw salmon and you will never see me turn down any crustaceans. But, when it comes to the almighty fish curry and fish fry where I have to pick the flesh off the bones and eat the skin. My stomach does a turn.

Of course, there have been occasions where my ever-worrying grandmother has cleaned the fish for me and hidden it among my rice. In those cases, I’ve eaten the fish and enjoyed it. But, in my long-standing tradition of acting like a spoiled brat, I continue to dislike fish.

It’s mostly because I’m lazy. I’m way too lazy to sit down and clean the fish and then eat it. By that time my rice gets cold and the amazing fish curry doesn’t taste quite that good. Oh, and it’s also because I hate getting my hands dirty while eating. How I get my hands dirty, you may wonder. Well, it’s because in my family when you eat anything with bones you have to eat all the flesh off the bones. Now, with fish to get all that flesh using a fork or spoon or knife isn’t even one-third as effective as using your hands.

So, along with your cold rice and curry and vegetable, you now also have dirty hands.

Now, some may argue that I would have perfectly warm rice if I just ate the fish last. Well to that I say, if I ate the fish last it would be cold, (and greasy if it was fried) and eating cold rice is definitely better than eating cold fish.

So, in the end I just decide it’s better if I leave the fish be and just enjoy the curry.


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