as sweet as honey,

sorry, i don’t mean to make this a movie review blog or anything, its just that lately I’ve been watching a lot of good movies and since i get very inspired by cinema, it makes me write.

anyway, to the movie.

tonight the secret life of bees was playing on t.v. at first i thought it was the animated movie, a bees life, which i had only seen in bits and pieces. so, when i had nothing else to watch i decided, might as well just go for the bee movie.

let me tell you, this movie, its no animated shing- da- ling. this is a heartbreaking, compelling, beautiful movie. it tells the story of a young girl and her struggle to come to terms with herself, in a nutshell.

to tell you the truth the movies a lot more than that. its one of those movies which you watch and you forget where you are. you become so immersed in the story that is being told to you, you forget everything else. its one the absolute best movies i have ever seen. its truly incredible.

you know how when you watch a movie and there are maybe 2 great actors in the whole film. this isn’t one of those movies. it’s a movie with a simply amazing cast. i didn’t even remember i was watching a movie, it was like a story from inside my head that only i seemed to be enjoying.

i would definitely recommend watching the movie it is simply beautiful. a definite must watch, at least once. if you do watch it or have seen it please, comment and tell me what You thought of it. i would love to know. and, i f you decided you like my writing why don’t you follow my blog for more.

– renee


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