adventures in sleeping in


Today my aunt woke me up with a piece of information and a request. She wanted me to go with her to a farmers market and my grandmother had apparently broken a plate and cut herself.

I asked if my grandmother was ok, said no to going to the farmers market and went back to sleep.

Suffice to say i didn’t get much sleep. It wasn’t long before my aunt was back at it again, this time asking me for cotton and providing me with the wrong time. I told her i didn’t know where the cotton was and due to a cheeky phone check, corrected her about the time. Again, i tried to go back to sleep.

I was halfway through a lovely dream involving a lovely crossover between Riverdale and game of thrones when, yet again, i was interrupted. This time her request was simple,” get up!”

Even if it is the holidays there is no way i could deny that…. unfortunately.


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