We like to see the best in people, think that they will be the exception, the difference. We almost always end up wrong. In our entire lives, we have only maybe ten out of billions of moments that are really good. Moments that we saw the exception, were part of the exception or defied the rule. Those moment however few, those are the moments we live for.

The first moment is our first breath. We don’t remember that because the laws of the universe dictate that we can’t remember anything before the age of five. But, we know it happened. We know that we came into this world covered in placenta and blood and that we took our first breath, and we know that we cried. By doing this we defied the rule. We fought for survival, we existed. We out beat the millions of unborn children out there. Just by taking our first breaths.

It’s simply extraordinary how these moments cultivate and how these moments are chosen. After all destiny doesn’t exist, there are no three fates weaving yarn and making tapestries. Instead we look at our lives look at our pasts look at our presents and choose, select and categorize our memories till we get those perfect few moments.

From person to person, these moments defer. They are chosen by you and you alone. So they are in all fact a true representation of who you are. To a sociopath, it could be the first time that person felt control or the first time that person got himself into a treatment program, for a mother it could be her first child being born or the time that she left her children and cut herself free.

We choose these moments on the basis of which made us the happiest, based on that high that we got when we experienced them. As I said they depend from person to person. There is one rule however, to the memories. A rule we all subconsciously follow. They all seem to be made when we didn’t know we were making memories. When we didn’t know, we were being the exception to the rule.

If you look at life and you look at categories. Look real close, you will see that even though we are labelled and we are categorized and we are sorted. We are all simultaneously different and the same. We all make memories. We all shatter hearts. We all get shattered and we all defy the rules.

So, here’s to the pool of rebels we all live in. Don’t underestimate the power of those moments we create. After all we only have 7 minutes before we die to recap our whole lives, don’t we?



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