The great Indian debate!

Hey, this is just a poem that I penned down criticizing the Indian news and politicians... Hope you like it


Echoes and sounds : the great philosophical truth

Sometimes I decide to really sit down and listen to music.. You know, really get into it. Today was one of those days and while listening I had one of those philosophical truth bombs that sometimes, randomly explode in my head. As I was listening to the music and getting really into it, I started [...]

The pushover revisited!

What does it really mean to be a pushover? Are we the people that never stand up for ourselves? Are we the people that can't? Or, are we those that are scared of everything else?  Those questions define pushovers don't they, scared, submissive and irrelevant. Easy to bend easy to break.  People don't understand other [...]

The five stages of exam anxiety!

Lo and behold that dreaded time of the year..... The exams!  Of course along with exams come varying ailments such as the what-the-hell-ive-not-done-that attacks and the oh-dear-im-failing. However, there is another darker more distressing ailment that nobody speaks of but everybody feels....  Exam anxiety!  Exam anxiety is what I like to call our favourite butterflies-in-the-tummy, [...]